Difference Between Cast Aluminum Waterproof Box And Plastic Waterproof Box

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Cast aluminum waterproof boxes and plastic waterproof boxes are two common types of casings used to protect electronic devices and wires. They each have different characteristics and advantages, and the following are the main differences between them:
Cast aluminum waterproof box: made of aluminum alloy material, usually produced through casting process.
Plastic waterproof box: made of plastic materials (such as polycarbonate, ABS, etc.), usually produced through injection molding process.
Temperature resistance:
Cast aluminum waterproof box: Aluminum alloy has good high-temperature resistance and is suitable for high-temperature environments.
Plastic waterproof box: Plastic materials have relatively low temperature resistance and may not be suitable for high-temperature environments.
Impact resistance:
Cast aluminum waterproof box: Aluminum alloy has strong mechanical strength and impact resistance.
Plastic waterproof box: The impact resistance of plastic depends on the specific material, but it is usually not as good as metal.
Cast aluminum waterproof box: relatively heavy because the density of metal is higher than that of plastic.
Plastic waterproof box: relatively lightweight, easy to carry and install.
Corrosion resistance:
Cast aluminum waterproof box: The surface of aluminum alloy is usually treated with oxidation or coating to improve corrosion resistance.
Plastic waterproof box: Some plastics have good corrosion resistance, but may be sensitive to certain chemicals.

Cast aluminum waterproof box: Aluminum alloy itself is conductive, but surface treatment can improve its insulation.
Plastic waterproof box: Plastic is usually a good insulation material.
Cast aluminum waterproof box: usually has a higher cost due to the complexity of metal materials and production processes.
Plastic waterproof box: The cost is lower because the plastic material and production process are relatively simple.
Environmental impact:
Cast aluminum waterproof box: The metal can be recycled and has minimal impact on the environment.
Plastic waterproof box: Plastic is difficult to degrade and has a significant potential impact on the environment.
The choice of cast aluminum waterproof box or plastic waterproof box depends on specific application requirements, such as temperature resistance, impact resistance, weight, corrosion resistance, insulation, cost, and environmental impact. In environments that require high mechanical strength and high temperature resistance, cast aluminum waterproof boxes may be a better choice; In situations where lightweight and cost-effective are required, plastic waterproof boxes may be more suitable.

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