What Is Junction Box?

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    The junction box is one of the electrical auxiliary materials which commonly used in home decoration. It is often used in the scene where the wire is too long or the wire pipe needs to turn the corner, so as to protect the wire and connect the wire transition. The raw materials of junction boxes are: PC, ABS, FRP, PC / ABS, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.

What Is Junction Box?

    According to the environmental requirements of the using situation, the junction box can be divided into the following categories:

1. General junction box. Its structure is simple, which not only has good electrical contact performance, but also can fix the connection block, protection tube firmly on the junction box. Generally suitable for good overall conditions, non - corrosive atmosphere environment.

2. Plug-type junction box. It is easy to install and disassemble, can prevent filth to enter also can show good electric contact performance. Usually used in dry dusty environments to reduce dust or high temperature effects on operation.

3. Splash-proof junction box. It connects the dust cover and the housing with a chain. The inspection standard is that after 5 minutes of artificial rain sputtering at an Angle of 45° from the horizontal plane, there will be no water seepage in the lid opening. It is usually suitable for wet, dusty or water sputtering environment.

4. Waterproof junction box. It is connected with the dust proof cover and the housing by thread. The inspection standard is that there is no water seepage inside the cover after spraying water in any direction (the water pressure before the nozzle outlet is more than 2kg/cm) through the faucet with a distance of 5m and a nozzle diameter of about 25mm.It is usually suitable for environments with frequent water injection or installation of high-altitude equipment.

5. Explosion-proof junction box. It is usually cast aluminum alloy shell, which can be quickly opened. The wiring mode is divided into steel pipe wiring and cable wiring.

6. Solar junction box. Its cast has a extremely high UV resistance, and provide a service life of more than 30 years.

No matter what type of junction box, the following conditions are required: a strong uv resistant and anti-aging shell, meets the requirements of the environment,should be waterproof sealing design to ensure safety performance, each component should have good insulation performance.

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