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     Today is another day for CBNPNJI's excellent employees to show themselves actively!

     A colleague from the internal trade department first came on the stage to explain to us the knowledge about the black waterproof junction box, including its size and various popular names, because different customers may give different names to the same product. This colleague's explanation helps us broaden the terms of our daily communication with customers. Another colleague explained how to use Photoshop to quickly draw drilling drawings. This method can effectively improve the response speed of our salesmen and customers to discuss opening and other matters. Colleagues have improved their professional knowledge of the product line and improved their understanding of the product line. Everyone in each position enthusiastically shared the effective information collected in their daily work. We firmly believe that different thinking will produce creative sparks, and the future of Pinji will be better and better!

      Finally, the winner of today's team: the million team of the Ministry of internal trade. The team to be promoted: the team of the Ministry of foreign trade.

Welcome to know more about CNPNJI

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