Knowledge of Waterproof cable gland (1)

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    The waterproof cable gland can use plastic or stainless steel as waterproof material. The cost of cable waterproof joint with stainless steel is relatively higher than that of plastic, and the service life is longer. However, in the application of cable waterproof joint, it still belongs to more applications.

     First, the use of nickel in waterproof cable glands

     In the process of using stainless steel as the material, cable waterproof glands used to rely on the use of nickel. However, with the rising global price of nickel, the price of cable waterproof glands has also been greatly affected. In order to slow down the cost pressure and improve the competitiveness of cable waterproof joints, the manufacturers of cable waterproof joints specially look for alternative materials and produce low nickel stainless steel waterproof cable glands.

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