Nylon tube Application Area (2)

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Due to its excellent performance characteristics, nylon conduit pipe are widely used in the electrical, mechanical, machine tool sheath sleeve, wire pipe in various machinery manufacturing industries. At the same time plastic bellows and all kinds of adapter reasonable collocation, can play a good role in the mechanical assembly and machinery to connect each other.

Agricultural and forestry irrigation areas

Due to the continuous development of agricultural irrigation technology, there are many irrigation technologies such as drip irrigation and infiltration irrigation. After some improvement and its own excellent performance, the "irrigation pipe" used for irrigation in agriculture was successfully developed, and it has been widely used in water-saving irrigation in greenhouse, greenhouses, orchards and sand control projects.

Home appliance field

Nylon conduit pipe are also widely used in various kinds of household appliances. Including: all kinds of electrical appliances in and out of the pipe, insulation sleeve, flame retardant sleeve, sanitary pipe, etc.

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