Nylon conduit pipe Application Field (1)

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Automotive wiring harness area

Nylon tube in automobile industry, mainly used in automotive wiring harness assembly, including: various air conditioning pipeline protective casing, wiring harness corrugated pipe, wire flame retardant corrugated pipe, automobile ventilation tube, refrigerated transport vehicle drop tube, twisted tube of vehicles, vehicle braking system to protect casing, car oil and gas pipe, wire tube machine tool and other kinds of automobile corrugated pipe, air conditioning water pipe.

Field of Construction Engineering

In the field of building and decoration, as a result of the nylon corrugated pipe corrosion resistance, impact resistance, anti-aging, high strength, flexible and convenient construction features: can be widely used in outdoor communication cable and cable sheath pipe system, including bureau relay pipes, pipe, wire and tube and feeder wiring duct and private networks (VPNS) pipe and special rules of long-distance pipeline. With a strong use of the type, suitable for cable, wire and many other cable put through.


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