Why waterproof distribution box popular (1)

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      In recent years, people's electrical power consumption is gradually increasing, whether it is in daily life or office life, people are inseparable from electricity, and the use of electricity is inseparable from the distribution box. Therefore, though there are a variety of distribution boxes on the market, among which the best-selling is the waterproof distribution box.

      First of all, waterproof distribution box is a kind of distribution box specially used for outdoor operation, and it is also a special type of distribution box. Its main function is waterproof and moisture-proof. Waterproof distribution box also has a name called rainproof distribution box, which shows that it is mainly used for rainproof. Since this kind of distribution box is used to prevent rain, its own material needs to be waterproof. Therefore, most of them use engineering plastic shell or stainless steel material, which can effectively prevent rain and reduce the possibility of corrosion.

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