What is the most important thing about waterproof joints

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Speaking of plugs, everyone must be familiar with them. Cable joints are also known as cable heads. After the cable is laid, in order to make it a continuous line, each section of the line must be connected as a whole. These connection points are called cable joints, also known as cable heads. Waterproof joints can be applied to environments with water to provide safe and reliable connector joints. Cable waterproof joint is a connecting device often used in power systems. It is mainly used in outdoor products, medium and large remote control machinery, and equipment whose body is not on the body of the outdoor control system. We often see them in our daily lives, such as two feet and three feet. With the development of technology and the improvement of people's living standards, we use more and more plugs. Almost all electrical appliances are equipped with plugs. Without a plug, our household appliances wouldn't be powered on. When using them, people's normal pace of life can be disrupted. It can be said that plugs are the closest thing to our lives. Using electricity ruthlessly and indiscriminately can cause irreversible disasters. Plug is the medium and bridge through which we use electricity. Safe and reliable plugs are particularly important here. Which plugs are reliable and safe?
Because water is a frequent contact in our learning and life, many electronic appliances are used when there is water, such as water heaters in toilets, drinking fountains in living rooms or dining rooms If you don't pay attention to yourself, you will get water, so it is particularly important to have a good waterproof plug
Finally, what kind of waterproof joint is good? We will invite the person in charge of waterproof joints and technology to introduce them to us. As the name suggests, waterproof joints can serve as waterproof joints. The best waterproof connector on the market today is IP 68. We can see it on the label of the product. Secondly, a good plug must have good insulation. Check the insulating material of this plug, and you will find that the insulating material will turn into money. The final insulating material is silicone. Finally, we can observe the process of the plug for the first time. Because long-term power supplies encounter water heating and cold contraction, the connection between the plug and the circuit board must be sealed and tight, first to prevent water from entering, and second, the plug must have thermal expansion and contraction characteristics to ensure long-term waterproof.

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