Some Common Sense of Waterproof Joints

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Many people have heard of waterproof joints, but if it is interesting to say it again, many people do not know, which involves deepening the basic knowledge related to waterproof joints. Waterproof joints can be applied to environments with water to provide safe and reliable connector joints. Cable waterproof joint is a connecting device often used in power systems. It is mainly used in outdoor products, medium and large remote control machinery, and equipment whose body is not on the body of the outdoor control system. Cable joints are also known as cable heads. After the cable is laid, in order to make it a continuous line, each section of the line must be connected as a whole. These connection points are called cable joints, also known as cable heads. What is a waterproof joint? The so-called waterproof connector is a socket product that inevitably has a waterproof function. Its basic function is to provide a power socket adapter that can indicate its purpose.
Currently, a large number of relevant personnel are using waterproof connectors for ships, power supplies, outdoor, gardens, parks, communication technology equipment, industrial production equipment, and street lights. Some people ask why our country requires enterprise equipment management to use waterproof connectors? We have all heard that this may be a short circuit or electric leakage accident caused by a student's electric shock due to a humid environment, and whether the waterproof connector can be submitted in a large amount of moisture to prevent electric shock. Due to excessive moisture, plugs and sockets can be used for local network equipment development. In fact, there is a good design for the cultivation of talents in the waterproof engineering design of segmented waterproof joints. By analyzing various seals (seals, gaskets) or multi-layer isolation tendons, it is possible to allow water to not enter the socket, and as an important auxiliary drain hole, it is designed to allow some water to enter the socket before contacting the internal control, This indicates that there are differences in the waterproof working principles of waterproof connectors for different slot types in China.
As we all know, there are common sockets such as GB, Europe, and the United States, so choosing to purchase waterproof connectors should also pay attention to cultural differences. Waterproof connector design must be selected through the purchase enterprise to choose an appropriate current level. Students are prohibited from using low current sockets for high-power electrical technology equipment to avoid safety accidents; Analyze and select a scientific and reasonable level of waterproof engineering waterproof joints based on China's own application development needs. Do not lower the low water level on the socket than its use in the network environment, which is more efficient; The correct way to purchase waterproof joints is to ensure product quality, functionality, and waterproof options, with a slightly lower purchase price.

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