Rubber products

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Rubber products

Rubber products are various products made from natural or synthetic rubber as raw materials. Rubber has excellent elasticity, water resistance, and electrical insulation, making it widely used in multiple industries. Here are some common rubber products and their application areas:

  1. Automobile industry:

Rubber plays an important role in automobile manufacturing, such as tires, sealing strips, shock absorbers, transmission belts, etc. These components utilize the wear resistance and elasticity of rubber to improve vehicle performance and ride comfort.

  1. Medical supplies:

Rubber is also used to manufacture various medical supplies, such as gloves, syringe gaskets, and pacemaker casings, which utilize the softness and biocompatibility of rubber.

  1. Home products:

 In households, rubber is used to make anti slip mats, rubber gloves, bathroom mats, etc., providing convenience and safety with its water resistance and anti slip properties.

  1. Office and school supplies:

such as erasers and various shock-absorbing and anti-skid pads. The softness and wear resistance of rubber make these products very practical in daily use.

  1. Industrial applications:

 Rubber components such as conveyor belts, industrial seals, and shock pads play a crucial role in various machinery and equipment, utilizing the high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and high elasticity characteristics of rubber.

Rubber products


The manufacturing process of rubber products usually includes steps such as mixing, forming, and vulcanization, all of which aim to enhance the physical properties of rubber to meet different application requirements. With the advancement of technology, the variety and function of rubber products are constantly expanding to meet more specialized needs.

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