Principles to be followed when testing waterproof cable glands (1)

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      For waterproof cable glands, in order to ensure the quality of products, before mass production, it is necessary to carry out the final quality verification through numerous experiments. Therefore, the products with better waterproof grade on the market have been tested repeatedly at first, and such experiments are generally conducted by the supplier and the buyer. The advantage of this is that the experimental results will be more convincing. The following two principles should be followed in the process of testing the waterproof cable glands.

1. Specification

Any test used in the product material or production process, is to follow the normal product to carry out. Therefore, the products used in the waterproof cable glands test must be the products produced under the normal production conditions, otherwise, in order to test and specially process the process or select more advanced materials, it is easy to cause inaccurate test results.

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