Precautions in operation of low voltage distribution box (1)

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1. High temperature reduces the service life of electrical equipment in distribution box

The upper limit of the ambient temperature of the electrical equipment designed and manufactured according to the national standard should not exceed 40 ℃. For the operation distribution box exposed to the hot sun in summer, because of the direct sunlight, the reflection of the heat from the cement ground and the heat generated by the equipment itself, sometimes the temperature in the box exceeds 60 ℃. Such a high temperature is very easy to cause the insulation aging of electrical coils and leads to breakdown and burn out; the contact resistance of electrical contacts is increased due to too high temperature, and the increase of contact resistance aggravates the fever. Such a vicious circle eventually leads to contact burn out; at the same time, too high temperature will affect the stability of electrical protection function, the reliability of action and the accuracy of measurement.

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