Photovoltaic junction box with CNPNJI

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      In home decoration, junction box as one of the electrical accessories is very important. The junction box is used as the transition part of the wire joint (for example, the line is relatively long, or the wire tube needs to be turned). The wire tube is connected with the junction box, and the wires in the wire tube are connected in the junction box to protect the wire and connect the wire. Nowadays, the development potential of photovoltaic junction box is huge. Due to the inexhaustible solar energy, it is deeply loved by people for its environmental protection and safety characteristics. In China, more and more enterprises join the daily industry. China has become the third largest photovoltaic manufacturing base in the world. As a kind of connector of solar cell module, the main function of photovoltaic junction box is to export the power produced by solar cell module through cable. Due to the particularity of solar cells and its expensive value, the photovoltaic junction box must have the following characteristics: the shell has strong aging resistance and ultraviolet resistance, and it must meet the requirements of outdoor harsh environment. Excellent heat dissipation mode and reasonable cavity volume can effectively reduce the internal temperature to meet the requirements of electrical safety. Good waterproof and dustproof protection can provide users with a safe connection scheme.

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