Five steps of metal hose welding (2)

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Step 2: Clean the pipe. As the pipe is metal, the pipe can be oxidized to produce some waste slag, and these waste residue will affect the welding effect. Therefore, before using welding, we should use sand cloth or paper to grind off the waste slag in the pipe.

Step 3: Clean the fittings with a pipe brush. Cleaning the fittings ensures that the solder hose engages with the tin plating.

Step 4: master the welding time. Generally speaking, the length of welding pipe you need is the corresponding length of solder.

Step 5: Use the torch heat pipe. The main purpose of using torch heat pipe is to ensure that the welding part of the pipe is heated evenly. It is important to ensure that the flame is close enough to cover the whole pipe diameter when using the torch.

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