Constant improvement of CNPNJI people in actual combat practice

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      Haven't shared the company's news with you for a long time! Recently, the form of the exchange and sharing meeting has changed. It is no longer the form of PPT for ideological output, but the practical simulation competition between groups. The rule is that four groups compete in pairs by drawing lots. One person from group A is selected to simulate the customer, and the other team members play the role of salesman. When the customer's team members and team-mates discuss, they will send an inquiry to the other team, and then the customer in group B will make an inquiry to the salesman of group A. The performance of customers and salesmen are included in the group score.

      This kind of practice helps the salesmen to find and fill the gaps more quickly and effectively. The customers and inquired products each day are different, and the product professional knowledge used is also different. In order to get more scores, each "customer" will certainly rack his brains to ask questions that the other group does not know the answer to.During the process, all the minor problems were pointed out one by one by Mr. Chen and he explained how to correct them.  Everyone had a lot of new gains. It is sure that there are still many rules that are not perfect in the first practice simulation, but I believe that our simulation training will be better and better, and Pinji's tomorrow will be more and more wonderful!

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