What is the MC4 fuse holder? What's the role?

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    MC4 fuse holder is a protective device for electrical and electronic components. The fuse holder protects the fuse, which is usually waterproof. The waterproof grade of  MC4   photovoltaic fuse holder is IP68.
    During the construction of traditional photovoltaic power stations, the construction party often considers the cost control, and connects the cables around the photovoltaic junction box, combiner box, combiner box, inverter, etc. by direct confluence. Although the cost is controlled to a certain extent, the safety performance is reduced.
    With the gradual attention paid to safety, when building photovoltaic power stations at home and abroad, fuses are usually added to the positive or negative cables of combiner boxes, combiner boxes, inverters and other peripheral cable equipment to increase overload protection, which is used to improve the safety of power station operation and personnel. The application and promotion of fuses have gradually increased the requirements for MC4 fuse connector components. The existing connectors have complex structures, low heat dissipation and waterproof performance, The low flame-retardant grade not only reduces the operation safety of photovoltaic power stations, but also reduces the safety factor of operators.

Technical realization elements

    This product overcomes the above defects of the existing technology, provides a MC4 fuse connector with novel structure and simple installation process, and can solve the problems of heat dissipation, low waterproof performance and low safety performance.
    Photovoltaic MC4 fuse connector, including the protective shell of Zhongtong, is connected with waterproof plug and cap at both ends of the protective shell, and the waterproof plug is located inside the cap, with threading holes.
    It also includes a positioning bracket located inside the protective housing. The positioning bracket is equipped with a threading hole and a support arm. The support arm butts against the inner wall of the protective housing, and the positioning bracket is used to prevent the fuse from contacting the protective housing and causing burns to the housing.
    Compared with the existing technology, this product has the advantages that both ends of the protective shell of the MC4 fuse connector are connected with waterproof plugs and caps, and the waterproof plugs are located inside the caps. Through the assembly of the caps, waterproof plugs and protective shells, the connector achieves waterproof effect; The positioning bracket in the MC4 fuse connector fixes the fuse at the axial center of the protective shell, which can prevent the fuse from contacting the protective shell and causing the shell to burn, at the same time, make the fuse heat evenly, and avoid the shell deformation or softening due to local high temperature. The fuse holder has simple installation process and high efficiency. It can be assembled with an automatic nut twisting machine. At the same time, it has high mechanical strength, good waterproof and heat dissipation effect, and high flame retardant grade. It is applicable to different regional environment and altitude requirements, and has a wide range of applications, which improves the operation safety of photovoltaic power stations and the safety factor of personnel.

Function of MC4 fuse holder
    Like other types of fuses, the main purpose of MC4 fuse holder is to protect the circuits of electrical or electronic equipment. If the electrical equipment is suddenly overcharged by current, the filament in the fuse will melt and open the circuit. Although the fuse connector looks slightly different from other types of fuses, it works in the same way. One of the most common uses of the MC4 fuse holder is the automobile. It can also be used to protect the alternator and is designed to disconnect the circuit when the circuit is overloaded.
How to replace MC4 fuse?
    When you need to replace the MC4 fuse, you need to unscrew the two halves of the connection and divide the fuse holder into two parts. After separating the two halves, you can replace the old fuse with a new one.

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