Socket box function description

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Socket boxes typically feature:

  1. Multiple Power Outlets: They offer several power sockets, allowing you to plug in numerous devices at once.

  2. Overload Protection: In case the current surpasses a safe threshold, the socket box will automatically shut off, safeguarding the connected devices.

  3. Surge Protection: This helps in shielding devices from potential damage caused by unexpected voltage spikes.

  4. USB Charging Ports: These are included for convenient direct charging of phones or other USB-powered devices.

  5. Cable Management Design: Aimed at keeping cables organized and out of sight to maintain a tidy workspace.

  6. Portability: They are designed to be easily movable for use in various settings.

  7. Power Switch: Controls the power supply to all the outlets, aiding in energy conservation and enhancing safety.Socket box function description

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