Precautions for installing cable waterproof joint

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Before installing the waterproof cable connector connection module in the industrial control circuit, you must understand the precautions for installing the waterproof connector.

1. Before installing the cable connector, the internal protective cover of the pressure pipe guide section must be restored, and all the internal semiconductor protective covers of a section must be retained, so that the connecting pipe and the internal protective head can be interconnected.

2. Before installation, clamp the steel armor with binding wire. This operation can be used as a mark and ensure that the steel armor will not scatter after sawing. It should be noted that the insulating part in the cable should not be sawed off during operation.

3. When the copper pipe needs to be squeezed during installation, do not use excessive force. Just press the copper tube in place. The end of the copper tube must have a dent in the extrusion process. The copper pipe must be polished with a burr-free file.

4. The external semiconductor shield is a semiconductor device. Its function is to generate uniform electric field on the outer layer of cable and connector. Like the shield inside the semiconductor, it plays a very important role in the optical cable and connection.

In short, when installing cable waterproof joints, engineers and operators should carefully check, then tell them what they don't understand, and then find them, so as to reduce risks within a certain range.

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