Pinji Small Encyclopedia :What Are The Precautions For Waterproof Distribution Boxes ?

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1. The operator of the waterproof distribution box must wear anti-static clothing, and shall not operate with bare hands or wear wet gloves.
2. Check whether the installation tool accessories are intact. The protective position of some tools is broken, which may put the installation tools in a dangerous state.
3. After the waterproof distribution box is powered on, someone will check whether the line of the waterproof distribution box is powered on. Do not touch with hands or body. Even though the waterproof distribution box has been inspected by the factory, it is not ruled out that every place is safe. In addition, the waterproof distribution box shall not be removed during operation. The power supply must be disconnected, and then use a measuring pen to test whether the power supply is powered on for disassembly and maintenance
4. When repairing the waterproof distribution box, more than one person should be present, so that even if one person has an accident, others will have the opportunity to rescue.