How To Connect Combiner Box?

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    Combiner box is a device that can confluence several strings of solar panel array into one string and connect to inverter with fewer cables. The combiner box also conducts the function of protection in the solar system, with overload protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection and surge protection.

    Because the design of the combiner box is user-oriented, it is very easy to connect the combiner box. Two steps are sufficient to connect the Minguan PV combiner box.

How To Connect Combiner Box?

    Step 1: Connect solar panels to combiner box
The positive pole of each string solar panel is connected to “+”pole of fuse in the combiner box.
The negative pole of each string solar panel is connected to “-”pole of fuse in the combiner box.
    Step 2: Connect combiner box to inverter
Connect the DC breaker“+” pole to inverter P+ terminal, and DC breaker“-”pole to inverter P- terminal. After check the whole solar system, everything is ready, turn on the DC breaker.
Stickers on the combiner box panel will guide you for the correct connection. You can even connect it without user manual.

How To Connect Combiner Box?  

    The combiner box already includes DC breaker, which can control the on and off of the PV system, no need an extra switch for power on and power off. Inside the combiner box, all the wiring was done in factory, no need complex wiring, which will take a lot of time and has a higher problem rate due to more steps.
    And in the iron shell series combiner box, we have anti-reverse diode, which can avoid damage to inverter by wrong connection.
   Mingguan combiner box can be used for variable kinds of inverters, such as off-grid inverter, on-grid inverter and solar pump inverter. And Mingguan supports customization of combiner box.
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