Fuse Classification: A Variety Of Fuses Have Different Temperature Sensitivity

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(1) Classified by structure.

According to the structure of the fuse, it can be divided into three types: semi-open type, closed tube type without filler and closed tube type with filler.

Filled closed tube fuses are divided into three types: fuses used by full-time personnel, fuses used by unskilled personnel, and fuses used for semiconductor device protection. The fuses used by full-time personnel are divided into knife-shaped contact fuses. There are three types of bolted fuses and cylindrical cap fuses. The fuses used by unskilled personnel are divided into two types: screw type and round tube type.

Classified by breaking range.

Fuse-g fuse-link with full range of breaking capacity.

Under the specified conditions, the g fuse link can break the minimum current that causes the fuse link to melt to the current above the rated breaking current. The g fuse link is also called a general purpose fuse link.

DC fuses.

In addition to fuse resistors, the protection components used in electronic equipment include ordinary fuses, thermal fuses, self-recovery fuses, DC fuses, etc. The protection components are generally connected in series in the circuit, and overcurrent occurs in the circuit. , In the event of abnormal phenomena such as overvoltage or overheating, it will immediately fuse and play a protective role to prevent further expansion of the fault.

Thermal fuse, also known as thermal fuse, is a non-recoverable overheating safety element, which is widely used in various electronic products such as electric cookers, motors, washing machines, electric fans, and power transformers.

Thermal fuse can be divided into low melting point alloy thermal fuse, organic compound thermal fuse and plastic-metal thermal fuse according to different temperature sensing materials.

1. Low melting point alloy type thermal fuse The temperature sensing body of the low melting point alloy type hot melting DC fuse is processed from alloy materials with a fixed melting point. When the temperature reaches the alloy melting point, the temperature sensing body will automatically fuse and will be protected The circuit is broken.

According to their different structures, low melting point alloy type thermal low melting point alloy type thermal fuse can be divided into three types: gravity type, surface tension type and spring reaction type.

2. Organic compound type thermal fuse The organic compound type thermal fuse is composed of a temperature sensor, a movable electrode, a spring, etc. The temperature sensor is made of organic compounds with high purity and low melting temperature range. Normally, the movable electrode Contact with the fixed terminal, the circuit is connected by the fuse, when the temperature reaches the melting point, the temperature sensing body automatically fuse, the movable electrode is disconnected from the fixed terminal under the action of the spring, and the circuit is disconnected for protection.

3. Plastic-metal thermal fuse plastic-metal thermal fuse adopts surface tension structure, the resistance value of the temperature sensor is almost 0, when the working temperature reaches the set temperature, the resistance value of the temperature sensor will suddenly increase , To prevent the flow of current.

4. The ambient temperature of DC fuse: -30℃—70℃ application field, suitable for photovoltaic application field with working voltage up to 1000VDC, can also be used in any other DC circuit, mainly used in solar photovoltaic power generation DC combiner box, right The circuit overload and short-circuit current generated by the current feedback of the generated solar cell photovoltaic components and the inverter are interrupted to protect the solar photovoltaic components. The DC fast fuse can also be used as an electrical component in any other DC circuit. And short circuit protection.

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